giving back is in our business dna.
George Street believes in giving back and working closely with important initiatives to make a deep and positive impact on the community. These programs are just a few of our philanthropic passions – we are always looking for additional ways to improve the community.

we Proudly support

Scholarship Program

George Street partnered with Theresa Harrison to launch its inaugural scholarships in 2020. In 2021 there were 423 applications and ten scholarships awarded totaling $10,000. This brings total scholarships awarded to $20,000.


  1. Academic Scholar Scholarship
  2. GEORGE STREET Services Scholarship
  3. Harrison Family Trust Scholarship
  4. Historically Black College and Universities Scholarship (2)
  5. Our Legacy Scholarship
  6. R U Gonna Help Me Scholarship
  7. We Believe In You Scholarship
  8. Where Your Story Begins Scholarship
  9. Williams Family Trust Scholarship

 We are proud that George Street offers exciting and career growing internships for upcoming and passionate software engineers that want to make a difference. Internship applications will open January 3rd 2022. Interested? Contact us!


We are proud that George Street offers leadership and business coaching for minority businesses in the greater DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. Interested? Contact us today!

Just A Kind Note,” JAKN, is an initiative to help minimize Loneliness, Isolation, Depression. JAKN goals are to Uplift the Wellbeing of others, Improve Health and Quality of Life by Keeping them Engaged and Connected by sending “Just A Kind Note”.


We are proud that George Street employees contribute to local clothing drives throughout the year.