George Street Services is a woman-owned small business focused on solving the toughest challenges in the intelligence and cyberspace communities. George Street is an action-driven technology company providing software and IT solutions.

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George Street is looking for cleared applicants for software and system administration positions.  Join us for a a fun evening of games while we discuss your career goals.

This will be a fun opportunity to play several casino games with out risking your own money.  Each hour during the evening, gift card prizes will be awarded.

Bring your resume for admittance.  This event is for software and system adminstrators that already hold a clearance and are looking for a new Job.  To register send your resume to

Better Collaboration through DevOps

May 20th, 2017|Comments Off on Better Collaboration through DevOps

In the IT industry today, we find the term DevOps being used a lot, but the surprising thing is that not many professionals know what exactly the word means and of more importance, how it [...]

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